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The Psyko Pop Collection is my first solo show and something that has been long in the making. The overall process to make all the artwork and merch took me seven months. Sewing and stretching the canvases had to be the longest part. As well as making the bags, the hats, and all the other merch. Though it is tedious work, I enjoyed every single part. The painting process only took me four days in total to paint everything. Each piece whether sculptural or figurative was created to encapsulate the audience more in my world. Using mark making and collaging with textiles. Abstract figures with mixed media painting and drawing. Invoking aspects of emotion and expression through the Black experience while making it feel surreal. I aim to inspire with my artwork and create visceral experiences-- hence, Psyko Pop. Artwork is very psychological and psychedelic. I make the artwork that comes out of my head as a result pop. Most of the artwork, I play with color theory to make them pop. A lot of sculptural pieces are influenced by speech and action bubbles from comic books. So the pieces look and feel like onomatopoeia. A lot of the canvases I also make from recycled fabrics from textile garments, fabric prints, clothes, etc. Resourcefulness is a big part of my work, all the fabric has history whether it is from previous projects or something I found at a thrift store.

I graduated back in 2022 and this work highlights a fragment of what I was doing during undergrad and post graduation. I’m showing all of you the evolution. In this new body of work, I’m also introducing new figurative characters that I call ‘Debonics.’ It’s a play on words ‘Ebonic’ and ‘demonic.’ You often find in media and literature that Black people are depicted as demonic or monstrous. I want you to see how people who are typically perceived as these negative traits are the most colorful and vibrant, misunderstood people.

Unit 1 | $150

Unit 2 | $175

Unit 3 | $200-300

UNIT 4 | $350-$450

Unit 5 | $500-$800

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