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Born April 4, 1999 in Philadelphia PA, he was named by his grandfather. Growing up in a Muslim household, at a young age he needed to forge a path of his own, a path of art and creativity. He has always created artwork expressive of his feelings and thoughts. He felt different from others growing up at home and at school. Being the opposite of everyone made him not insecure but more proud of himself. Mukhtar never felt the need to fit in and stuck to his goals in creating art for the love of it. He is a first generation graduate of University of The Arts, majoring in painting + drawing and minoring in fibers + textiles. His works now are predominantly mixed media combining different mediums into one. He also paints murals and does street art as well. He currently tattoos and is making a name for himself within the realm of tattooing by putting his artwork and style on people's bodies.


My artwork draws inspiration from my interactions and experiences as a black person, growing up in Philadelphia plays an important role in that. Philadelphia holds an enriching history in art and black culture. I drew influence from my older brother growing up. He's a part of why I wanted to make art. Seeing him draw through his sketchbook and overall drawing influences from the same sources. I’m influenced by the constant drive to always make art. My work now is more about reflecting on black experiences through an afro surrealistic lense. Work that is experimental, loose and whimsical but with serious undertones. My practice is interdisciplinary involving drawing, painting, sculpting and textiles. Through this I create compound paintings incorporating mixed media, which I poetically coined as Lyn Chōkoku Pictura. As I continue to be experimental I’m able to learn nuances that become a part of my practice. My artwork can be expressive, loud and colorful. It can also be abstract and comes from streams of consciousness. It can be afro surrealistic through my imagination and wanderlust. I find it better to create from my mind because it leaves room for more creativity. Imagination within art is more experiential than normality. Through this I still feed my inner child which is the true essence of me through my art by having fun and challenging myself.  My artwork isn't meant to look realistic, it's meant to create a visceral experience. Artwork that draws one in while pushing you back. I will become an old master to influence many generations of black artists. Influenced by what they can be and not what they have to be because of the environment they come from. I would like to create safe spaces for all young creatives to feel like they can be themselves. 


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